In 2011, 67% of admissions into addiction rehab programs were men.

Addiction is a disease that doesn’t discriminate. It can affect anyone who abuses a substance. Unfortunately, children and adolescents are often exposed to drugs and alcohol and therefore highly susceptible to addiction. When addiction occurs in youth, it can have severe effects on their developing minds and bodies. That is why it’s essential to help your child find an adolescent program for addiction treatment if they struggle with substance abuse.

Getting help early could ensure they have the best foundation for a happy, healthy adult life.

What is Family Therapy?

In Family Therapy, loved ones discuss strains in their relationships that occurred due to addiction. The therapist acts as a mediator and helps resolve and conflicts or barriers to communication.


Lake Villa’s Bridge Program is designed specifically for young men battling drug and alcohol addiction. High school and college can be some of the most exciting times for any young man. However, the freedom that comes with it can often lead to exposure to drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, “experimentation” with substances is common for young adults in this position.

Since using drugs at a young age can present a great risk, getting treatment early is essential. Trying drugs “once or twice” can be a slippery slope that leads to full-blown addiction. More often than not, abusers slip into addiction without ever realizing what happened.

Our young mens residential Bridge Program is meant specifically for young men in this category. Sadly, these boys typically struggle with self-esteem and confidence issues. For them, using drugs can often start as a way to fit in or to cope, but it often turns into something far worse.

The Bridge Program battles addiction by getting to the core causes of addiction in the young men that we treat. This is because easing withdrawal and supplying treatment is only a part of the battle. The roots of addiction can be intensely personal issues. In such a case, treating just the addiction this way is like only treating a symptom and not the cause.

However, our young mens residential Bridge Program strategically targets young men’s addictions while simultaneously building their self-worth and image. Teaching these young men to find their own personal value gives them a foundation on which to build a successful, sober life. Without this foundation, many of these young adults will be unable to find lasting sobriety.


Lake Villa’s young men’s residential Bridge Program is an enhanced addiction treatment program, which also focuses on the unique needs of emerging adults at its core. Addiction often interrupts healthy development, which can create certain challenges for young adults seeking independence. The average human brain reaches full development in the mid 20’s, but use of drugs and alcohol can disrupt this process. The Bridge Program offers additional facets of addiction treatment geared towards our focus on young men, including:

  • Residential treatment specifically for young men
  • Treatment of Co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Individualized aftercare planning and development of a personal Recovery Plan
  • Life skill development
  • Character building exercises
  • Addiction treatment programs designed to build self-worth and personal value
  • Trauma-Informed Addiction Therapy Services and relapse prevention
  • Building executive functioning skills critical for planning and goal attainment
  • Strengthening family relationships while moving young adults toward independence

Designed for the 18-26-year-old age range, the Bridge Program gives our residents a recovery option with a focused evidence based approach incorporating and array of modalities and supports.

While participating in the treatment, adolescent clients also participate in quality and credit earning educational services that will also help your teen stay on course for educational success. Educational services are provided in partnership between Gateway Foundation, the local school district, and the client’s home school district.

Among rehab admissions of young men ages 12-17, 80% were for marijuana use disorders.

Risk Factors for Adolescent Substance Abuse

  • History of addiction in family
  • Peer pressure
  • Stress from school
  • Curiosity
Signs of Substance Abuse

1 Defensiveness about substance abuse

2 Poor performance at school or work

3 Isolation from friends and family

4 Evidence of drug paraphernalia

5 Significant changes in physical appearance, such as weight loss

At Lake Villa, our young men’s residential Bridge Program creates a specialized healing environment. We look to build lasting, long term sobriety for residents based on their own newly found recovery capital and skill development. Call Lake Villa today at 847.440.5213 to get the addiction support you or your loved one needs.

“Was just in gateway awesome program! Teaches you how to plan your day and teach you how to live a sober life. You have to want to become sober to succeed in the program thank you gateway lake villa for a second chance at life!”

Johnny D.
Addiction can consume every part of your life, but it doesn’t have to. Call Gateway Foundation Lake Villa today to begin recovery.