Only 11% of people who need treatment for a substance use disorder receive the help they need.

Overcoming addiction depends on a successful recovery plan. The core of most successful addiction recovery plans is residential treatment. A majority of addiction counselors and therapists will tell you that residential treatment offers the best chance for an individual in recovery to find lasting sobriety.

The residential treatment services at Lake Villa involve the patient living for a period of time at our rehab facility. This allows residents to be thoroughly engrossed in the recovery process and give them better odds of finding sobriety.

What is a Relapse?

A relapse is when a person breaks their sobriety and begins using addictive substances again. If this happens, they must return to treatment to restart their recovery journey.


As opposed to outpatient treatment, residential treatment involves the patient engaging in addiction therapy during a prolonged stay at our Lake Villa treatment facility in Northern Illinois. The typical program consists of a stay of a few weeks to a month. However, this timeframe is certainly subject to change based on the individual, the substance, and the severity of their addiction.

Most residential treatment centers are communal, meaning you undergo treatment with a group of your peers facing similar issues. This is important, as your fellow residents help to provide you with support and validation as you undergo the process of recovery. The assistance you can give each other is extremely valuable for lasting sobriety.

Lake Villa’s residential treatment provides on-site medical services and constant access to staff, meaning our patients receive the best care possible any time of the day or night. Treatment can involve a variety of unique therapies depending on your addiction and needs. For example, Lake Villa provides our patients with multiple options for all facets of the recovery process. We work hard to make the process easy for our residents by offering services such as:


Residential treatment centers truly offer those with addiction the best chance of recovery. When you enter a residential treatment facility, you are surrounding yourself with the recovery process. The people around are either on the same journey as you or are there to guide you toward recovery.

The entire atmosphere and culture of these facilities are geared to promote a healthy lifestyle free of substance abuse and addiction. This inundation allows people to immerse themselves entirely in the process of recovery and focus solely on that. Outpatient recovery options will enable patients to maintain their lifestyle outside of treatment, but this can be detrimental to some. Patients could potentially remain around and tempted by old places, situations, or people who fed their addictions before.

Entering a residential treatment center gives you the best possible chance for recovery. Everything is taken care of for you, freeing you up so you can focus on yourself. It allows residents time and peace of mind to recover, relax, and readjust. Our location provides peace and serenity during your stay to improve your mental clarity and remove distractions.

23% of admissions to addiction treatment facilities are for individuals with alcohol use disorders.

Types of Addiction Therapy Services

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Common Relapse Triggers

1 Stress from work or school

2 Being in an environment with drugs or alcohol

3 Unmanaged mental health disorders, such as depression or anxiety

4 An emotional life event, such as the loss of a loved one


Lake Villa’s staff offers around the clock support and assistance for all aspects of your stay. Our residential treatment center can offer those suffering from addiction the most beneficial recovery process possible. Get the best addiction treatment for yourself or your loved one with Gateway Foundation.

Residential treatment at Lake Villa can be a potentially life-saving, and certainly life-changing, process. We work hard to make the recovery process easy for you. Because we know fighting addiction is difficult enough by itself without adding other stresses, we hope our residential treatment program will give you the time to recover that you need. Stop letting addiction continue to control your life. Recovery is more than just possible; it’s within your reach. Contact Lake Villa today at 847.440.5213 to discuss your treatment options.

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