In 2017, 30% of high school students reported using alcohol within the last 30 days.

Addiction is a disease that doesn’t discriminate. It can affect anyone who abuses a substance. Unfortunately, children and adolescents are often exposed to drugs and alcohol and therefore highly susceptible to addiction. When addiction occurs in youth, it can have severe effects on their developing minds and bodies. That is why it’s essential to help your child find an adolescent program for addiction treatment if they struggle with substance abuse.

Getting help early could ensure they have the best foundation for a happy, healthy adult life.

What is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)?

FASD covers a range of physical and mental conditions caused by alcohol exposure in the womb. Children with FASD are at a higher risk for developing addictions later in life.


Adolescents are at high risk for addiction due to a variety of factors. There are genetic risk factors at play, as well as the risk of prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol. Either of these could create an addiction in children at an extremely young age. School-aged and teenage adolescents are also at high risk for a potential addiction.

Teens and young adults, especially high school-aged, can experience exposure to drugs in certain social circles and settings. Unfortunately, peer pressure is a very real threat for many teens. Stopping this process starts with proper teaching and parenting of a child.

However, not all parents can effectively monitor their children at all times. We focus on supporting their addiction by launching them into adulthood. For these reasons, we offer help through our adolescent treatment program.

Lake Villa’s adolescent treatment program is specifically designed to help your child achieve sobriety and turn their lives around. We focus on taking youth with substance addictions and turning them into functioning young adults. Some of the many therapies included in our adolescent program are:


If you are looking into adolescent treatment programs for your child, you may be wondering what it will be like to enter an adolescent program. Placing your child in treatment is a big decision, and we want to answer all of your questions. Understanding the steps of the process can certainly help alleviate some anxiety concerning treatment.

Typically, the first step is to set up an in person assessment and tour of our facility. Admission could also happen on that same day, or a later day if preferred. We want family members and other support persons involved in treatment, and research shows a strong support system drives better treatment outcomes.

Through a combination of talk therapies, experiential therapies, and others, your teen, you and your treatment team will work together to overcome addiction, mentally and physically. Most addiction therapy services will focus on coping with triggers and cravings and finding the mental fortitude to overcome these. Therapeutic and psychiatric services support recovery through also addressing co-occurring mental health needs, incidence of trauma, and behavioral challenges. Family sessions, family support/education, and family visitation are key treatment components which are offered weekly at flexible times whenever possible.

While participating in the treatment, adolescent clients also participate in quality and credit earning educational services that will also help your teen stay on course for educational success. Educational services are provided in partnership between Gateway Foundation, the local school district, and the client’s home school district.

Most common substances used by high schoolers

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Prescription painkillers
  • Prescription stimulants
44% of high school students report receiving their first alcoholic beverage from an older friend or family member.
Types of treatment programs

1 Residential Treatment

2 Intensive Outpatient Treatment

3 Medication-Assisted Treatment

4 Outpatient Treatment

Parents always want the best for their child, and Lake Villa can offer that. From our relaxing atmosphere to our full continuum of care, we can supply your child with the best possible adolescent treatment programs. Call us at 847.440.5213 for more details.

“Ever since I was here a few months ago, I have been on a better life path. They teach you so much about coping and life skills, plus the reason you think the way you do. No judgment at all towards anyone and they are all really engaged with the people they help. I would recommend anyone to this place. They cares so much about everyone and how they can do whatever it took to help change your life.”

Zak K.
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