addiction recovery community gateway foundation lake villaAfter undergoing addiction treatment, returning to your normal life is a big step. It’s the moment of truth in your recovery journey. Many people return to their lives essentially on their own again, left to deal with temptations and cravings by themselves. This is the time that most in recovery are susceptible to relapse. Having the support of a recovery community can become an essential resource for many leaving their rehab. At Gateway Foundation Lake Villa, we developed a welcoming and inclusive recovery community for exactly these purposes.

The Benefits of a Recovery Community

There is a good reason recovery is described as a lifelong journey. For many who suffer from addiction, temptations can occur throughout the rest of their lives. Therefore, an addiction recovery community is an excellent option for anyone who recently left rehab or just wants extended support.

Lake Villa supplies our residents with a community to carry forward the progress made while in rehab. We believe it to be a highly successful treatment plan for long-term recovery. Ensuring the continued success of each resident is our ultimate goal. The addiction recovery community at Lake Villa can offer:

  • Linkage with peer support
  • Social and networking events
  • Lifelong support
  • The best chance for recovery

Through an addiction recovery community, you will have access to other former residents and those in recovery. The support you can provide and receive from each other cannot be understated. Simply finding camaraderie with people who have gone through the same experiences as you can be relieving.

Many who participate in our recovery community also engage in some of the family therapy options. Often, addiction can deeply affect your family members and loved ones. Engaging them in the healing process can create a better understanding and appreciation on both ends. Lake Villa’s recovery community provides an extension of your rehab experience to bring each participant the greatest amount of healing and support possible.

Don’t Go Without an Addiction Recovery Community

Many people leave residential treatment or an intensive outpatient program and don’t participate in an aftercare program. Sometimes, these people can still find lasting success without such a program. While these programs aren’t mandatory, the chances for greater recovery success can’t be denied.

Going without a supportive community does not mean you will definitely relapse. Many who leave rehab without a recovery community can still live a successfully sober life. Also, a recovery community does not guarantee one will be able to stay sober. However, a recovery community definitely increases your odds. Through a support network, you receive the resources and support you need to provide you with the best chance possible.

When it comes to fighting addiction, make sure you have the odds in your favor as much as possible. From choosing a rehab center to picking which therapies will work for you, making the best choices increases your chances of success. While a recovery community can make no guarantees, it can help improve a person’s chances of preventing relapse.

This community ensures that the struggles of rehab were not in vain. Meanwhile, it works to keep you healthy and focused on recovery upon returning to a normal life. If you or someone you love suffers from addiction and could use the long-term support of a recovery community, then contact Lake Villa today at 847.440.5213. Finally, we can give you the support you need for long-term success.