In 2017, only 19% of Americans who needed help for a substance use disorder received the treatment they needed.

When someone you love struggles with addiction, it can be difficult finding a residential treatment facility that meets their needs. Of course, you want the best treatment for your loved one so that they can have a successful recovery. Gateway Foundation Lake Villa offers comprehensive addiction treatment within a relaxing environment that facilitates long lasting recovery. Learning about Gateway Foundation Lake Villa can help you and your family begin the healing journey you need.

About Gateway Foundation Lake Villa

Gateway Foundation is a network of addiction treatment facilities that offers evidence-based substance abuse treatment services. Over five decades of care, Gateway Foundation has helped over one million patients begin their recovery journeys. During this time, Gateway Foundation facilitated the recoveries of adults and adolescents from a diverse array of backgrounds, and our Lake Villa location is no different.

Gateway Foundation Lake Villa offers the high standard of addiction treatment care that patients can expect to find at all of the Gateway Foundation facilities. The thing about Gateway Foundation Lake Villa that makes us stand out from other facilities in the network is our location. Built on the shores of Fox Lake in northern Illinois, the facility offers a peaceful recovery environment just outside of Chicago. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, patients can focus on recovery without worrying about everyday stress.

What is substance use disorder?

According to the DMS V, the criteria for substance use disorders includes 11 indicators, such as having an increased tolerance or using the substance despite the problems it causes.

Who Do We Treat?

Another essential component of Gateway Foundation Lake Villa’s programs is our diversity of treatment. Our Lake Villa location offers comprehensive addiction treatment to adult men and women, as well as adolescents.

Our adolescent program helps teens ages 12 -18 learn to cope with the stress of their daily lives alongside mental health and addiction treatment. For emerging adults ages 18 – 26, our Bridge program offers individualized and targeted treatment for those struggling with substance abuse.

Gateway Foundation Lake Villa accepts patients from a variety of circumstances and backgrounds. To facilitate this, we work with in- and out-of-network insurance providers, and we offer financing options for those without insurance. At Lake Villa, we believe everyone deserves a chance at a happier and healthier life.

Examples of Addictive Drug Classes

  • Opioids
  • Sedatives
  • Hypnotics
  • Alcohol
  • Cannabis

About Gateway Foundation Lake Villa Amenities

With the backdrop of Fox Lake, patients at Lake Villa have the option of many healthy lifestyle activities, both indoor and outdoor. Our indoor gym offers weights and cardio equipment to help patients begin practicing relapse prevention techniques and healthier lifestyle habits that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Also, once a patient graduates from our facility, they will enter into an extremely active and welcoming alumni community that supports and engages them throughout the rest of their recovery journey.

Types of Addiction Therapy Services

1 Individual therapy

2 Group therapy

3 Family therapy

4 Cognitive behavioral therapy

Lakeside Recovery Treatment Programs

When learning about Gateway Foundation Lake Villa, understanding our addiction treatment programs and services is vital. Our facility offers a range of evidence-based, comprehensive programs that help clients overcome addiction and maintain sobriety. Some of these programs and addiction therapy services include:

By working with addiction treatment specialists, patients at Gateway Foundation Lake Villa develop an individualized treatment plan that suits their needs and helps them find techniques that allow them to maintain sobriety.

Approximately 40% – 60% of individuals relapse after leaving a substance use disorder treatment center.

Healing Begins with Lake Villa

When your loved one is ready to begin addiction treatment and recovery, reach out to the professionals at Gateway Foundation Lake Villa. Our staff has years of experience helping patients overcome addiction. Additionally, with the relaxing backdrop of Fox Lake, patients at our facility can unwind and focus entirely on restabilizing their lives.

Finally, to learn more about Gateway Foundation Lake Villa, call us today at 847.356.8205.

“Ever since I was here a few months ago, I have been on a better life path. They teach you so much about coping and life skills, plus the reason you think the way you do. No judgment at all towards anyone and they are all really engaged with the people they help. I would recommend anyone to this place. They cares so much about everyone and how they can do whatever it took to help change your life.”

Zak K.
If you need comprehensive addiction treatment services in Illinois, then contact Gateway Foundation Lake Villa today.